Paula A. Colaso

Paula Colaso joined the IFA team as the Media, Marketing and Communications Officer in March 2018. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Waterloo, specializing in Speech Communications and Business.  As part of her degree, she participated in the globally recognized co-op program and sought out certifications in intercultural, public and digital communications.

Often considered a social butterfly, Paula’s 4 years of work experience in the field were founded on a passion for discussion, public presentations, advocacy and social engagement.  In high school she led the Social Justice Club in its efforts to raise money to build wells in the Udaipur region of India.  She then turned to digital engagement as the Editor-in-Chief of three consecutive yearbooks.  In university, Paula quickly engaged with student affairs and campus politics, serving two years as the President of the St. Jerome’s Students’ Union, three years on the Board of Governors, and one year as the coordinator for the International and Canadian Student Network.  All of these roles contributed to the foundation of Paula’s principled and professional leadership ability.

From wedding planning, membership sales, international recruitment, nuclear power employee safety and political/public discourse – the power to communicate messages and market creatively and efficiently is Paula’s strongest asset. Her most rewarding position to date was in Ecuador as a Community Social Service Worker for Fundación COAGRO. While there, Paula worked with members of a small community, San Pablito de Agualongo, encouraging conversion to technology-based applications to enhance their micro-businesses.

Since graduating, Paula has become a new resident of the City of Toronto. She is an avid traveler, aspiring home chef and has a keen eye for photography. With excitement, she brings her passions to the IFA, looking forward to a global mindset and learning about the unique cultures and communication practices of our partners along the way.

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