Jessica Rochman-Fowler


1c81007Jessica Rochman-Fowler joined the IFA team as a project officer in 2016. Jessica holds a Masters of Social Work from York University, where she focused her research on the effects of capacity to consent to treatment legislation on people who are institutionalized. Jessica also holds a BSW from Carleton University, where she focused on alternative therapies for people with dementia, and a BA in Psychology from the University of Waterloo.

Through her placement and work experience, Jessica has worked with older adults in long-term care and in a rehabilitation hospital setting to address barriers to accessing services. Jessica has also worked in the field of elder abuse advocacy, raising awareness about the prevalence of elder abuse in Ontario. As a result, Jessica has an interest in developing strategies to combat ageism and address the multiple lived realities of older adults.

Throughout the course of her education & work experience, Jessica has sought to provide support to older adults living with various diseases of aging through front-line work that uses her knowledge of feminist pedagogy, anti-oppressive theory and post-structuralism to examine and break down barriers faced by older adults when accessing services. Jessica hopes to bring to the IFA a unique perspective based on her front-line work experience in the field of ageing.


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