Lindsay Watt

Lindsay joined the IFA team as a Project Officer in July, 2019. She recently completed her undergraduate degree at McMaster University, where she studied Health Studies and Gerontology, earning an Honours BA.

Throughout Lindsay’s undergrad, she gained a strong understanding of research skills, different age-related policies, theories, and factors that contribute to the quality of life as people age. During her last semester at McMaster University, she completed a research study on how public libraries can change and adapt to the needs of older age cohorts for further socialization. Lindsay also volunteered with at-risk children in Hamilton, Ontario, where she performed a naturalistic observation study of developmental and behavioural impairments in troubled children and hypothesized how certain life trajectories affect people as they age.

Besides having a strong passion for the rights and needs of older individuals, Lindsay is also very passionate about health and fitness, learning, animals and travelling. Lindsay is excited to apply her knowledge and skills that she learned in her undergrad at the IFA. As well, she is excited to be making a difference—in the community and worldwide.

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