Nurses and pharmacists can boost adult vaccination

Vaccines Today featured two adult vaccination stories in its news coverage in recent weeks. An original article on the need for people with diabetes to be vaccinated against influenza has been widely shared on social media.

It includes comments from experts and a patient advocate on the risk of complications for people with diabetes who catch the flu. The story also looks at the key role diabetes nurses can play as vaccine advocates.

Pharmacists too can help to increase vaccine uptake in older people, according a new case study on Ireland. Irish pharmacists have been administering flu vaccines for several years and have recently been permitted to give pneumococcal and shingles vaccines.

As the story explains, pharmacists have reached people in at-risk groups – including people over 65 years – who had not been vaccinated against flu in previous years. This shows that they are vaccinating people who would not otherwise have been vaccinated by their GP or practice nurse.

The data for pneumococcal and shingles vaccination show uptake was low in the first year of the campaign but the results of pharmacy-based flu vaccination campaigns shows what is possible.