The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) is a registered Canadian charity. The organization operates as a corporation, incorporated under Canadian law, which means IFA is a legal entity distinct from the individuals who founded the organization.

The Board is the legal authority for the organization.

The Board of Directors are trustees representing the interests of the organization’s members, both constitutional and moral. As such, both the Board and its members are entrusted to ensure the organization is soundly managed for the benefit of older persons.

Board Responsibility

The role of the Board is governance, while management is the responsibility of the Secretary General, staff and professional and volunteer staff. Governance focuses on the organization’s purpose, including the establishment and monitoring of IFA’s strategic direction and Board-level policies.

The Board contracts with the Secretary General for the management and administration of the organization. The Secretary General is responsible, within parameters established by the Board, for determining the methods by which the Board’s directions and policies will be executed and desired outcomes achieved.

The Secretary General is employed by the Board of Directors and is therefore responsible to the Board as a whole, rather than to individual members of the board. The Secretary General is required to implement policies determined by the Board and compliant with any pertinent legislation and regulation.

Incorporation Documents

 Annual Reports

2018 Annual Report – Now Available