2017 – IFA Annual General Meeting

In accordance with Section 4 of the corporation’s bylaws members of the International Federation on Ageing are advised of the Annual Members Meeting to be held at:

Bridgepoint Health

1 Bridgepoint Drive, Toronto, ON M4M 2B5





Date: Tuesday 15th August 2017  Time: 9.30am  Location: Executive Board Room, Level 2 – Administration Bldg.

Provisional Agenda

1. Welcome, apologies and approval of the agenda Mr. Hastrup
2. Approval of the Minutes of Annual Meeting 2016  
3. President Report Mr. Hastrup
4. Presentation of Audited Financial Statement Mr. Shaw
5. Report from the Chair, Nominating Committee Dr. Hirst
6. Date of next Annual Meeting T.B.A

Important Note

The 2017 Annual Members Meeting and Meeting of the Newly Elected Board at Bridgepoint Health, also the new headquarters for the IFA since July 2017.

Bridgepoint, which is part of Sinai Health System, is an internationally recognized, 464-bed rehabilitation and complex care hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto. Bridgepoint is the single largest organization in Canada to focus exclusively on research, care and teaching for people with complex health conditions.

Please forward additional agenda items to Dr Jane Barratt at jbarratt@ifa-fiv.org by the 8th of August 2017, and to ensure that members can be accommodated, please indicate your attendance.