Age-friendly Innovation Exchange

Globally, age-friendly cities, communities, and practices have become synonymous with an ageing population – building communities that will foster active ageing, removing physical and social barriers, and promoting independence. Age-friendly environments are adaptive throughout its structures and services, in order to increase accessibility and inclusivity of all people within a community, regardless of needs and capacities, particularly the older populations.

Age-friendly Innovation Exchange

AFIX_logo_white_backgroundThanks to the Hall & Prior Health and Aged Care Group, the International Federation on Ageing established the interactive learning platform known as the Age-friendly Innovation Exchange (AFIX).

AFIX aims to be a point of connection that enables knowledge exchange by creating opportunities for intersectoral dialogue, problem solving and sharing opportunities to collaborate and partner in the field. There will be opportunities for private networking, troubleshooting, consultancy, educational webinars and a community chest of resources.

AFIX is open to all levels of government, industry, academia, NGOs and individuals interested in pursuing a healthy ageing agenda through age-friendly cities, communities and environments.

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Age-friendly Environments Mentoring Programme (MENTOR-AFE)

The World Health Organization and the International Federation on Ageing are excited to announce the launch of the Age-friendly Environments Mentoring Programme (MENTOR-AFE), aimed at strengthening age-friendly city and community leaders.  If you are an emerging or current leader in age-friendly cities and communities that would benefit from further skill development, or an expert interested to support skill development in others, then this programme may be for you.

Applications for both mentees and mentors are now open and the deadline is 30 May 2018.

Click here for further information on the programme and how to apply.

AFIX Newsletter

The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) is pleased to showcase the second edition of the Age-friendly Innovation Exchange (AFIX) newsletter! Due to the overwhelming number of excellent articles received, the second edition will be published in three parts.

This newsletter is a forum for the age-friendly community to share their work on all age-friendly topics, and for the IFA to share our collaborative work with the World Health Organization (WHO) on age-friendly environments (AFE).

For more information on the newsletter, and to register to receive the next edition, please contact Ms Jessica Rochman-Fowler at

Past Editions


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Educational Webinars

2017 – PresentIFA / WHO Webinar Series: Establishing Age-Friendly Environments

Age-friendly environments is a global emerging trend attracting the interest of all levels of governments, industry, NGOs and academia. As this trend continues to grow, knowledge translation remains just as important as knowledge creation. For this reason, the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) is pleased to host a series of webinars on trends and themes relating to age-friendly environments.


Age friendly image

Hall & Prior Health and Aged Care Group

The International Federation on Ageing launched a new series of webinars on Age-friendly Environments supported by Hall & Prior Health and Aged Care Group. These webinars provide innovative solutions to knowledge gaps posed by planners, policymakers and researchers aiming to create and sustain age-friendly environments. The series will also go beyond the traditional cities and communities to include the broader sense of environment such as businesses and universities.

Grantmakers in Aging (GIA)


Building on the successful collaboration between the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) and Grantmakers in Aging (GIA) from 2014, the continued partnership explores targeted interest areas through the development of a second webinar series around Age-friendly Cities and Communities. Webinars in this series (“Series 2.0”) are structured towards individuals and agencies who have more than a basic understanding of AFCC programs and who have the experience to contribute to the dialogue that will happen around each webinar.


Grantmakers in Aging (GIA) initiated a collaboration with the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) to help build and strengthen the capacity of five Community AGEnda Sites: Atlanta, Georgia; Miami, Florida; Phoenix, Arizona; Kansas City, Missouri; and Indiana. In this partnership, the IFA developed two webinars designed to address some of the fundamental challenges experienced by all communities and an environmental scan that was used to inform targeted strategies toward capacity building efforts within each community. The environmental scan was conducted and results used as a road map to tailor support in accordance with the specific needs of each community and the annual goals of the community. Access live recordings of the webinars here:

There was an emphasis across all communities to promote the importance of intergenerational programs emphasizing the importance of including all ages and not just the ageing population, which is the original intent of the age-friendly concept.


14th Global Conference on Ageing

The IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing will be convening 8-10 August 2018 in Toronto, Canada with Age-friendly Environments as a dedicated conference track.

Register your interest or contact the IFA for more information.





Islamic Republic of Iran

Untitled-14545451Recognizing population ageing as an emerging issue, in 2014 the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) 5th country Program in I.R. Iran established a partnership with the Secretariat of the National Council of the Elderly (SNCE) to develop a national strategic plan for the elderly.

IFA together with HelpAge International provided consultancy advice on Age Friendly Environments and the AgeWatch Index in I.R. Iran to ~ 70 participants from government, municipalities, NGOs and academics in November

Over the course of nearly 4 days (8-12 November) the IFA delivered educational sessions on age-friendly cities and communities (AFCC) comprising of: Overview and Framework; Guiding Principles for Sustainability; International Case Studies; Videos of existing global/city initiatives; Applying Learnings in Tehran; and a Review of the IFA Age Friendly Resource Manual.

If you are interested in these workshops by the IFA, please contact Mr. Greg Shaw ( Read more about the Age-Friendly Environments Workshop.

Dublin City University

age friendly universityDublin City University (DCU) became the first third-level institution to adopt the concept and principles of an Age-Friendly University in 2012.

DCU’s commitment is to lead and highlight the role that universities can play in responding to challenges and opportunities associated with the ageing demographic of the 21st century.

The first international age-friendly universities conference was convened on 2-3 November 2015 in collaboration with international partners, Arizona State University and Strathclyde University. The keynote address was given by Dr. Jane Barratt, Secretary General of the IFA.

Read Dr. Barratt’s presentation here.


AFC Cover PhotoThe following  Age-Friendly Communities Resource Manual also includes a number of resources to assist in the development of age-friendly initiatives.  The Manual contains links to a range of resources in the categories below: 1. Positive Economic Impact of Age-Friendly Communities 2. Toolkits, Guidelines and Resource Manuals 3. Promote the Age-Friendly Project 4. Tools to Evaluate the Age-Friendly Process



Age Friendly Western Australia Workshop Radio Interview: