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Monday, March 30, 2015

About the IFA

 Adult Vaccinations Global Campaign

IFA has created a global campaign to better understand the uptake of adult vaccinations and to promote awareness of the importance of vaccinations throughout the life course.

1. Take the survey
2. Take a photo with the hashtag #Vaccine4Life
3. Post the photo on Twitter @IntFedAgeing or e-mail your photo to ikaczmarek@ifa-fiv.org

Vaccinations Campaign Image

IFA 13th Global Conference on Ageing

IFA 13th Global ConferenceCouncil on the Ageing (COTA) Queensland and the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) invite you to join us for the International Federation on Ageing 13th Global Conference, Disasters in an Ageing World: Readiness, Resilience and Recovery.

Now accepting abstracts! More information can be found on the Conference Website.

Diabetic Retinopathy Barometer Survey

Did you know that diabetes and its associated complications is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness? Were you also aware that, globally, a large percentage of people with diabetes don’t know about this devastating complication and/or do not have access to the necessary treatments?

The IFA, IAPB and IDF, through a global study across 42 countries, are looking to gain information to help change the answers to these questions around awareness, access to screening and treatments and levels of education.

We need help from health providers working in the field of diabetes, patient organizations and/or adults with diabetes.

Let your voice be heard and complete this survey!

Provider Survey

Patient Survey


Age-friendly Cities Webinar

Sign up now to attend 1 April 2015!

age-friendly webinar

An Age Friendly City - London

Age Friendly London Cover“London has become more adapted to an ageing population in the last seven years, but there is still some way to go before the city can be called ‘age friendly’”.

Anthea Tinker and Jay Ginn from King’s College London in the report, An Age Friendly City – how far has London come?

Professor Anthea Tinker, co-author, said: ‘There are some considerable successes. The continuation of the hugely popular Freedom Pass and Oyster 60+ is welcomed by all older Londoners. Introduction of 20 mph zones by some Local Authorities has helped to slow traffic, reducing collisions, injuries and fatalities and local air pollution. ‘Countdown’ technology at traffic lights in central London and digital displays indicating when buses are due, are helpful to older people. Notable improvements in the last seven years for disabled people include more buses and Underground stations becoming wheelchair accessible and the expansion of the Dial-a-Ride service for those with severe disability.’

However, the report stresses the persistent shortage of affordable homes for older Londoners as well as the poor quality of much housing and indicates that more diverse housing choices are necessary. The authors emphasize that older people are a valuable, but often unrecognized, resource to their families, to community groups and to the economy and wider society.

For more information, view the Press Release and the report, An Age Friendly City – how far has London come?

Lead Yourself! AGEWORKS Workshops

A series of five initial weekly workshops hosted by Ryerson University are scheduled from April 28 to May 27 to help people 50+ who are looking for work or a change in their career find meaningful employment and/or successful reinvention.

If you’re 50+ looking for work or a change in your career, take advantage of one or all 5 workshops designed to help you find meaningful employment and/or reinvent yourself.

For tickets and information, view the workshop poster and go to www.ageworks.co


AGEWORKS is a company dedicated to creating and expanding opportunities for meaningful employment for people 50+. It offers a range of services, educational programs, seminars and events designed to inspire men and women who possess decades of working experience to forge gratifying new career paths and to demonstrate to employers that by leveraging the mature worker they will enhance their bottom-line. AGEWORKS believes that ageism, particularly in the context of employment opportunity, is detrimental to employers as to employees.

IV. TURYAK International Congress on "Longevity"

TURYAKOn 13-14 March 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey, the IV. TURYAK International Congress on “Longevity” aimed to introduce “active old-age living” as a necessary complement to the ever improving “longevity” of our times. The Congress views the growing segment of the older age world population as an opportunity and an asset. The 21st Century goal for longevity is about physical, physiological, mental and spiritual health and wellness facilitating active, productive and happy ageing.

The goals of the Congress include:

  1. Creating sensitivity and awareness both in the individual and in the world towards being usefully active while living longer
  2. Bringing to the attention of the world community, with the help of media, the need for the humanity of our day to develop approaches for inclusion and harmonious living.

Two critical areas to focus on in 2015 include philosophies for living in a graying world that will show the way for a 21st century world social order and standard-bearer policy at global and national levels. While adding years to life, older people are in need of adding meaningful life to their years. The International Congress on Aging in Istanbul addressed how essential it is to evolve a relevant global philosophy and ethics in a fast aging world.

For more information, read the Declaration from the IV. TURYAK International Congress on “Longevity”.

In Our Own Words *NEW* GAROP Report

IOOW CoverIn Our Own Words: What Older People Say About Discrimination and Human Rights in Older Age is a consultation by the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People (GAROP) in which older people talk about the ageism, discrimination and denial of human rights that they are subjected to in their everyday life.

Over two thousand people from 50 countries took part in a consultation to hear how older people are being discriminated against, what impact this has on their lives and why they think this is happening. Whilst a very small number described being treated well, the vast majority said they were treated differently and discriminated against because of their older age. They described being ignored, dismissed, excluded and subjected to violence and abuse.

This has significant implications for the current debate at the UN on how to better protect and promote the human rights of older people. The deep-rooted ageism and denial of rights across all aspects of life in older age described in In Our Own Words clearly suggest that a comprehensive and systematic approach to protecting and promoting the rights of older people is required.

For more information, visit www.rightsofolderpeople.org

More Information At Your Fingertips

The IFA is pleased to introduce TWO brand new websites!


Copenhagen SummitThe IFA Copenhagen Summit is an international platform specifically convened to stimulate policy discussions with key decision makers in government, business and civil society on the issue of rehabilitation and older people. The International Federation on Ageing together with DaneAge are convening an expert meeting of academics and practitioners on the subject of rehabilitation and older people in October 2015. This Global Think Tank on Ageing is a forum of enquiry where invited expert leaders will come together to discuss and debate the key questions around the emerging field of rehabilitation and ageing. The outcomes of this forum will be used to structure the annual international platform known as the IFA Copenhagen Summit in April 2016.
Find out more: www.ifa-copenhagen-summit.com


AGAAction in Global Advocacy is a movement spearheaded by the International Federation on Ageing together with local organizations working to influence policy and mobilize resources to improve the eye health of older adults. AGA is devised to be the common ground for collective, effective, and inclusive advocacy development. AGA will respond to gaps in coalition building and mobilize effective and responsible advocacy campaigns globally towards the goal of addressing preventable vision impairment and blindness across ageing and vision organizations.  The aim of this project is to act as a unified body to renew and build momentum that will foster open communication, transparent and rich knowledge exchange, and move forward as one voice in support of vision health and ageing within and across countries around the world.
Find out more: www.actioninglobaladvocacy.com

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